Weekend away

1 03 2005

Well i just got back from my weekend in kenting, which over all was pretty good got some nice diving in. but was a little expensive. also was kinda weird bc i i only had ever met one persongoing on the trip before and i didn’t really know him all that well. But actually it wqas a pretty good time.. would have been more fun with my freinds bc we could have been silly.. but hey… Anyway … i was hoping this trp would get me a little sun shine.. (which it did) but actuaslly i was rooting for a lot of sunshine to be honest and that didn’t happen the day i took off from diving to lie in the sun.. yup it was cloudy… stupid weather.

Which really suchs bc i have psoriasis…. an anoying genetic skin disorder,,, which makes your skin.. go nuts and produce skin cels like you have and ingury.. so like 25 times faster than normal.. which leads to raised reddend lesions.. and dry flakey white skin… i have had it for years… (or at least i suspected i had it) but bc i always spend so much time in the sun… (sun bunny) it has only showed up a couple of times and then it was just like one little lesion..and oh no .. it’s gone… (usually in the winter….. so i never really cared about it… I also have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so i usually go tanning in the winter to help aleviate it… (thus sporiasis never shows up… or very rairly…. ). but this year i haven’t bought tanning minutes,,,, bc i was trying to save ssome omoney and also i am doing laser hair removal and it’s better for you skin to be as light as possible for more effective treatments….

so as a result of the sad’s i have been grouchy and anti social, and gained loads of weight.. (pout) which i just found out is a symtom of SAD’s and i have this huge red ugly lesion on my scalp that just keeps getting worse.. and makes it seem like i have killer bad case of dandruff….. plus it’s ichy and yucky ,. so of course i have to pick at it .. which if course makes it worse.. blah… this sucks…. so now i have to try to find some sort of tar shampoo.. (ha good luck in this country) and go to a doctor to see if he wuill give me some sort of steriod cream to help get rid of it.. bah… grumpy…




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