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22 02 2005

JESUS ray, i’ve done alot of these tests and usually score in the 10’s i did this one and got 40… what the hell have you been doing?????

You Are 40% Pure!
0 – 19% Pure: If you haven’t tried it, it probably hasn’t been invented yet.

20 – 39% Pure: You haven’t every kinky thing in the world, but you aim to!

40 – 59% Pure: You’re a bit of a closet pervert. Who knows what else is in your closet? 😉

60 – 79% Pure: There’s a wild beast in you… somewhere. Let it free

80 – 100% Pure: You’re not as innocent as you look – but still pretty innocent!

How Pure Are You?

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2 responses

23 02 2005

still purer than you… didnt i get 47?

24 02 2005

ooops i’m an ass. i though you get 17.. not 47….. ‘secuse me need to get some ketchup for the foot in my mouth.. lol.. hahhahah

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