20 02 2005

Ok… so all my freinds are poo and even the guy who promised he would go with me to see a movie tonight bailed… fucker!… so i decided since everyone is poo and i have been sitting in the house all weekend doing nooothing but reading.. napping reading.. sitting.. stairing at the wall… etc…. that i would…GASP go to the movies by myself.
Now this may not seem like a big deal but ihate going to movies by myself… while i did feel a bit like that tragic girl who has no freinds.. wasn’t tooooo bad… Anyway i went and saw constantine… which was not scary but made me jump a bit especially bc i was alone… in a mostly empty theater. Anyway i liked tyo movie for the most part… it was pretty cool.. EXECPT for the last 5 seconds in which they induded the biggest cheese factor EVER…. i almost died the last clip was soooooooooo bad! keano is a tit.. lol….
anyway that’s all have ahead ache .. so i guess it’s back to napping and reading… maybe a little wall staring… oh and freezing.. fuck it’s cold!!!!




2 responses

21 02 2005

I do not suck you poo head! Meanie! Congrats on going to the movies by yourself. this is a big step forward. But why would you go to a scary movie by yourself?!?! CRAZY!

24 02 2005

Did you go the movie with me? no then you SUCK POO! ha ha just kidding all non taiwan resident freinds are excluded from the poo sucking catigory.. lol.. wasn’t actually scary i’m just a puss…

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