16 02 2005

Ok, so my freind kristiana got deported a few weeks ago, bc she got arrested a few months ago for teaching illegally. WE were all joking about how her little brother should deported bc he would never leave otherwhise… Yeah well will the irony never cease! he just got arrested today for teaching illegally…. and umm.. well don;t know if it will all blow over or not.. God we might not even know for months either way! It really sucks!!!! but kinda funny in a fucked up way!
Plus andrei is a tit, they arrested him and then they said ” hey we deported a chick last month with the same last name as you” and he say’s… ” oh yeah .. that was my sister”. Idiot.

anyway scary stuff.. way sucks!




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17 02 2005

Ok, based on these stories, I doubt that I will be able to teach in Taiwan… especially since I don’t want to a. get deported, b. crap outta a contract after 6 months and never be able to go back to teach if I want to, c. get arrested.

When I arrive in Argentina, I will look into getting a visa to visit Taiwan for at least two months, but I am trying to figure out what to do about my plane ticket. I found one online that goes to england and lays over in Thailand and Hong Kong for only $1500 but it was only that price if I leave two months after I arrive. Not really sure what to do…

17 02 2005

Dude.. you seem to be missing a crutial part of these stories…. these people are legally not permitted to working in taiwan.. say’s right in their passport.. big fat stamp says don;t work they don;t have uni degree’s.. they don;t even have high school bc they have lived here the’r intire lives….. ..if YOU come here A. you won;lt get deported if you get a propper work visa.. which you wanted to told me your don;t want to teach kindi which is where the problems are from… b. you can get out of contracts no probem with no ill effects if you are actually leaving the country and prove it, and give notice before you quit. c. you won’t get arrested for the same reasons’s you won;t get deported… especially if you don;t work at a kindi. stop stressing… the stufff i’m talking about in no way applies to you.. you are legally allowed to work, you havea degree … and you wanted to teach at buxibans anyway…. but the most importan thing is to have a n ARC…. the day kristiania go0t arrested .. 4 other teacgers from here school were taken in too.. they all had no problems bc they all had work visa’s.. but krys isn’t allowed to work… so she got deported…. (try to get a multiple entry visa) any other concerns?

ps i meant scarey bc my freind are leaving…. not bc of police

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