Well hu!

31 01 2005

Hu, that was weird just got an email from sean storey, apparently he’s coming to taiwan for a visa run, kwl. Surprised the hell out of me tho… lol. couldn’t figure out how the hell he knew i was here and how he got my email…. but then i rembered ray said she bumped into him … somewhere and he said got my email addie from her…. feel in the increadbly urge to bust into song.. it’s a small world after all .. it’s a small world after all… it’s a small small …. blah blah blah.. 🙂 Any who… ff to watch more CSI… starting to thingin forensic terms tho.. lol




6 responses

1 02 2005

Can’t remember for the life of me who sean Storie is, but glad that he is coming to visit and that you will have someone to hang with for a while.

1 02 2005

you’re supposed to read the other one!!!

1 02 2005

Yeah, so hope you dont mind i gave it to him

DYING to watch CSI. Love it!

3 02 2005

I booked a ticket to Taipei March 17-21 so I sure hope you are around…. can I stay… please please please???

3 02 2005

OK! So I fly in on March 16th. Arrive at 10pm. PLEASE tell me you are around that weekend! Freaking out!!!!

4 02 2005

Where the ehck am i going to go.. lol… i’ll be ehere.. sorry been busy… sent you email but you didn;t get it…

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