seriously am i a troll?

29 01 2005

ok.. so officially the harshest burn of all time…..

this guy who i’m not even interested in is macking on me.. but i’m bored so i decide.. what the hell why not…. and he tells his buddy’s he’s staying.. and will go home with me.. then i decided time to go and on the way back to to my house he… says ” oh i forgot my ralph lauren jacket.. have got to go back and get it… ” so we go back to teh bar and i wait for him down stairs bc h’ll just be a min… (i’m so stupid) he soesn’t come back for ages and i call him and send him acouple of text’s to the effoect of.. he dude.. i’m going home bc i don;t wanna wait all night for you…

And then he comes back down and says he” sorry i can’t comeover i’m going to to wait for todd (who i said good bye to with him more than an hour before…. )…. i said,,, todd went home already and he’s like no no he’s still here and i’m going wait for him i’ll see you later.. hugs…

seriously going to flush my self down the toilet…. so depressed…
even one of the skankiest guy’s i know burned me…. .. well it’s off to bed time to contemplete the point in existence….




4 responses

29 01 2005

Nope, not a troll. 😉 Just a crappy situation to be in.

That said, I do hope you are feeling better.

29 01 2005

In the sober light of day, not so depressing and it’s prob for the best… he was an ass anyway.
but thanks! Good to know someone doesn’t think i’m a troll! ha ha

11 02 2005

jesus magda. Where the hell do you meet these losers? a hot chick like you actually willing to take him home and he’s a dumb ass. Arg. I wouldn’t even think of that as a burn. He’s too stupid to burn.

12 02 2005

HA, thanks! Yeah i’m over it.. he’s the biggest weirdo freak… so what you up to these days?

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