And Then he called….

29 01 2005

And like and hour later at 530 in the morning he called….. and i’m torn bc i was pissed off so i didn’t answer… which i think was probably for the best but still i would kill to know why he was calling and what he wanted to say…. and the worst part is the whole sweater story was so obviously fake … since i saw him when he first started out the night.. at the other bar… sans sweater.. bah..

the only explination i can think of is he decided he wanted to ditch me to pick up something better, and then after an hour discovered no one else wanted to play with him, so on his way home he thought he would give me another try…. fucker… that’s so worse than … being second or third pickin’s it’s like ditched.. and then last nuttin else available pickin’s…. i may have low self esteme .. but it isn’t that fucking low.

plus i sent a text to my freind rachel about what a harsh burn it was and she sent back a message saying that she just talked to him and he was a fucking dick and i sould stay as far away from him as possible… and that she hated him.. (she never says he hates people) i was like whoa.. why what happened.. but she wouldn’t answer me .. so i’ll try to get the goods from her this afternoon….

have to run, i’m off to a work lunch.. should be fun all hung over as i am….




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