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25 01 2005

bleh, i’m just bumming around.. .. but life is sorta a bummer right now.

My roomate is childish and annoying alot of the time, one of my good friends has ceased to exist (yes sarah i mean you, where the hell are you?), and another one of my good freinds is getting tossed out of the country as of next week and i have no idea when, or if ever, i will see her again.

Of my two best freinds’s one is being a total dickweed and hasn’t spoken to me in months, and the other is capering around the world (with out me, bad form trace.. bad form, not that i have to cash to travel right now anyway…) and i can’t even call her and snivel… (sniff sniff).

Plus i like some guy, which in all likelyhood (especially given my track record) is a collosal waste of time, energy and whatever else goes into that sort of thing. Not that i’m putting a lot of time and much energy into the situation, but as previously mentioned i’m bored so i think about it lots.

I’m feeling very apathetic to the entire universe… actaul i feel a “what’s the point of it all” brooding sort of mood coming on… which sucks bc whenever i get in one of those i basicly sit in my room pout and ignore the existence of the world hoping it will go away.. which if course it won’t.

sigh i guess i’ll go oon and amuse myself with my down loaded tv programs….




One response

26 01 2005

I’m sure I have said things to this effect before, but dude you have to get outta your house!!! I mean I am hardly one to talk because I am constantly whining about how I am currently travelling alone and I hate being alone, but you just seem so sad. That really sucks. This is why you have to move to England with me when I go!!!

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