It’s offical….

20 01 2005

oh my god it’s so sad i’m turning into a parent.. ick.. (damn growing up) I just had a fit about the lights. ANd my freind was in gales of laughter bc apparently i sound just like her dad… But seriously people how hard is ti to flick the fucking lights off on your way to bed????? EVERY DAMN night… i leave my room for some random thing to discover EVERY FUCKING LIGHT ON…. for no reaqson everyone has gone to bed … and they have gone to bed (by the way) since i have been in my room with the door closed… for christ sake….. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh Seriously though … had difficult is it to think hmm… lights are all on and everyone is in their rooms…. i gues i should TURN the LIGHTS OFF on my frieaking way to my room…. Bah yet another reason to never have children. If my roomate drives me this crazy .. a kid would kill me.




3 responses

25 12 2005

Kids rock the planet (especially grown up ones.)

25 12 2005

Especially grown ones 😀

25 12 2005

And their ability to make one look stupid. At least this has been posted “anonymously”

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