17 01 2005

SO today realyl sucks….. i got a message today halfway through work from one of my really good freinds, saying ” i’m getting kicked out of the country”

Needless to say this got my attention.. but i couldn’t call bc i was in class untill 8pm… so i was textign back and forth with her and it turns out that this is all from months and months ago.. She got arrested for working illegally and we all thought oh shit.. and were all freaked out…. but they her brother pulled soem strings and everything got sorted out… but still!

Shaken up by the events she took and month or so long holiday to south africa to visit her sister…. and when she came back found a new job, moved house and got her life all sorted.. i’ve knon this girl for more than 2 years she has never had her head on straighter and been so on the ball and organized in her life…. and then out of no where.. she getts this call from a cop this afternoon. He calls her up and is like hi, remeber how we arrested you a while back.. well .. your being deported… you have two weeks to leave of your own free will or you’ll be forcebly removed from the country.

What the hell…. that is so wrong you can’t just let people think everything is just hunky dorry and then spring depotation on them!!!!!

Anyway i have no idea what’s going to happen but if she actually get hucked out if the country .. it’s really gonna suck!!!!




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