Gah damn lazy Chinese

15 01 2005

Bah chinese people drive me insane, actually lets be fair i think it’s a genetic faul;t in all the asian races….. Hey lets go to the gym lets be cool… everything we do must look fabulous and be completly insync with everyone else so we can look cool when people look in the class…. god forbit we actually do something that might oh i don;t know burn a calory or work up a sweat…… GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
see this is a little fact that has evaded me for ages bc well i generally don’t go to stupid classes like hip hop dancing bc it’s made clear from the start what it is.
See where they get all tricky is with step class… i have been to plenty a step class .. and i know from basic…. you don’t do back flip spinny turns in a basic fucking step class…… the difference between the basic intro step class and the advanced step moves class.. is a couple of rpm’s and a diff tiem slot… i quit going the day i relized the whole reason behind all the intricate moves was to look really cool while we “work out”. Bah…. see i hadn’t noticed bc most of the classes i do are things like body pump… where it’s about working…. body combat….can self regulate, and treadmilling it….. stupid thought branching out was good..
on a more possitive note have discoved spinning or cycling.. and while i still hate bikes.. bleeeeeeeeeeeeh must say spinning class rocks.. well right after the shore bum thing buggers off…. 45 min to sweeeeeeeeaaaaaat ur buns off… fantastic… and it’s less than an hour so i can usually convince my lazy side it’s prob not that much work and we should go.. (silly lazy side) and the athletic side chuckles evily… bc it knows … gonna bustme ass off.. HA…. and stupid i wanna look cool chinese people don’t go… or if they do i don;t care bc they don;t interfeire with me….
i’m done now.




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