Roommates are a pain in the ass

9 01 2005

Ok i don;t care what everyone says about back home and what they did. I know for a fact that i didn’t wear my shoes in my own house. I know that there wasn’t the whole anal take off your shoes the second you hit the door, but coem on! my roommate drives me nuts. She is constantly fighting with about the stupid shoe issue. She got all pisssy (in a freindly joking way but still irritates me) bc i was mopping the floor and she got trapped in the kitchen by wet floor. Her stupid argument was ” see if i was wearing shoes this wouldn’t be an issue and my socks wouldn’t get wet”.
Who the fuck wears shoes when you’re cleaning the floor!!!! what a stupid argument. At least my reasoning for taking your shoes off makes sense. It’s disgusting outside and your shoes track that knasyness all over the house, then when you take your shoes off which you do eventually. then you track the dirt on your feet and get it every where you wouldn;t wear your shoes anyway… yuck.
i mean don;t get me wrong, i run into the house with my shoes on, i’m not religious about it .. but i don;t walk ing cruse around and wear them all day..
then carla says…. well in my house i’m not going to do this stupid take your shoes off rule.
To which i told her .. well that’s nice .. but it’s not your house.
ick…. starting to sound like a parent… i wouldn’t have to if everyone around me didn;t act like small children. Bleh… gripe gripe gripe… doesn’t matter.




One response

10 01 2005

Hahahah, you sound like a parent!!! Ack, but yeah, irritating… if she knows it bugs you, seriously, what is the pain in the ass in taking off your shoes occasionally and letting your feet breathe. I hate it when roomies act like they are 12!!!

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