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5 01 2005

Ok, my day started rather shit, feeling sicky poo poo still from yesterday. Work all day did not improve my outlook. And then to add insult to injury…. one of my co workers starts to tell me all these scarey stories of people he knows first hand that have been deported recently… AAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKk my being a panic prone drama queen.. of course flipped out about this and now have a plan of action.. fear not! all will be well (i hope)!

Anyway blah blah.. now we get to the good stuff.. he he

So as many, or in all likely hood none of you, may know. I have a teeny wweeny crush on this guy. Anyway i stoped by his work on my way home today. And we were chatting he was appologizing for not answering me earlier int he week when i asked if he wanted to go to a movie, and was asking what movie i ended up going to… i told him none bc i have no friends.. lpppp well no one to go to movies with (stupid sarah.. just had to go home). Then he said … i asked him if he would like to go sometime…. and he said, yeah but he couldn’t right now bc he’s broke. To which i responded .. i’m rich i’ll He just laughed and i was like.. no seriously i just got paid . and even tho i have huge debt… feel alittle rich… .. i think i can afford to spring for a movie…. andway he was busy so was chatting with his siter in law and it came out that this month i made more money than normal… which led to “oh how much?” Foloowed by “mm about 60000nt”
proptly folowed by “OH MY GOD” ,lol

that’s alot of money to taiwanese ppl…. (it’s around 2 grand cad) and i was joking with the guy i like and his sister in law.. and i said … ok well you can have it… he said really.. and i said sure.. but if i give you 60 tho, what you going to give me in return… ha ha ha… i would like to clarify this conversation was supposed to stop at ha haha… since these are chinese ppl and more conservative… my bad,,,,

At which point his sister in law (who most of the time cracks me up.. but sometimes.. oh my god .. put a sock in it) Pipes up and says ” if you give him the money you can take him home and have alittle fun (did i mention the fact that i like him is not such a secret). At which point i promptly forgot how to speak or understand andything in chinese…. and was likk.. hmm sorry what was that nope don;t understand.. (meanwhile turing 15 shades of fushia). And she gives me this sly look (btw he’s laughing his ass off and making faces at me) and says” OH don’t even try you KNOw what i mean!!!!” ” you can play(direct translation) for one night” … To which i indignatly retorted .. ONe freaking night, no way.. too expensive… ahahhah. What does the smart ass that she is do? ups it to a week…. which sadly i’ll admit i thought about (oh come on only for a second). And i just started laughing and walked away…

just to clarify the characters in this little story (not it’s not fiction, these are all real peopel) Johnson is my friend, he runs and own’s a tappenyakki restraunt near my house. His wife’s name is belinda, she’s also known as the sister in law, and the guy i like. is johnson’s little brother and his name is steven.

then i say to steven , that’s ok i know you don;t want to hang out with me and the money thing is just a polite way to blow me off.. to which he got pissy, and said no it was actaully and money thing. (good i was just testing) we end up chatting . or trying to about the movies playing.. but can’t remeber (ok ijust don;t know them) the chinese names and he doesn’t really speak much english.. so that was a lost cause.. then i had a briliant idea…. and decided to share it with him….

it goes alittle soemthing like this….. you see going to a movie, well that’s like work, so if he went to the movie soemone would have to pay him for the work and if i pretneded to be his boss, well then he would have enought money to go to the movie.

go ahead read it again i’ll wait… (had to tell him twice too)

at which point, he pointed out to me that i would just be paying for the movie,, and i said no no you see it’s work.. i’ld be paying to watch the movie, then i would come along for the company… (i thought it was clever) apparently while that woudl be a cool job, he wasn’t buying… lol Anyway that lead to us talking about jobs and money… and i said he actually if you want to make a little extra cash, why don’t you tutor me in chinese (oh pleasepleaseplease). Which he said sure.. but was laughing.. then i said.. hey seriously.. if you have time and youwant to … i need to practice my speaking, if you’ll help me with my speakign and writing i’ll pay you… at which point (damn belinda!!) belinda pipes up hey, why don;t you ask me to teach you? my chinese is better than his….. then they get into a bidding war… over who would be better/ cheaper/ better value for the money… ( rolling my eyes now) again i walk off..

while they are bantering away and i’m ignoring them i go to talk to my friend johnson, who’s been all bummed out lately, (i’ll send you and email sarah.. or better yet, give me a freaking number to call) and he invited me to go to chinese new years eve dinner with his family (that the equvilant of inviting some one for christmas din in Canada) And i was like sure.. at your house down the road, i’m pretty sure i can make it. He said .. oh no.. btw it’s at my parents house in sanchong (AKKKKKKKKK)… gulp.. uh.. who’s going to be there? oh nothign to big just my whole freaking family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aahahahahahahahahha and johnson is the only one who speaks english (EAK) i mena i’m so going but i think i need to brush up on my convo skills first.. goona have a hearty attack….

then i run a away from johnson bc he’s smirking like a cat who’s gotten into the tuna ( i think he thinks’s he’s tricked me into somehting.. maybe he has) and on my way oh steven says he think teaching me might be cool and he’s prob interested in doing it !!!!! (yeah we’ll see .. you know what i’m talking about sarah) … andway it was all to much for sick little ole me… so i ran away home.. to be all giddy.. la lala good mood now.. but no worries i’m sure soemthign will happent o wreck it.. lol

this post is way tooo long and i’m way too lazy to fix the error’s u’ll all just have to forgive me bc i’m so pretty.. or something.. lol kisses



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7 01 2005

I don´t know if I´m more happy that you actually wrote about your life on here, or that you are happy about this guy thing. Yay for you… but dude you shouldn´t have to pay someone to hang out with you 🙂

7 01 2005

obviously.. but i actually do want to study chinese more… .. and i’ll take what i can get .. ha ha but kinda freaked about going to the house for dinner.. so feaked i’m going to study full time for the interm 3 weeks

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