well he’s fine

4 01 2005

well. nice of somewbody to tell me, here i am waiting for a horrible call from the bloody embassy. and then i get this email form my mom, telling me he’s fine… was on a boat and missed the whole thing. I still haven’t heard from him. but ewhatever. but horray ia m moderatly uneffected agin..
indifference is bliss… ( i know i’m a horrible perdson and i’m going to burn in hell)

ps. does anyone know who pbphoto is?




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5 01 2005

Generally thought famous for other things, I appear to be most widely known, though under-appreciated, during my four year stint operating as the Editor in Chief of Over The Edge, The Official Student Newspaper for the University of Northern British Columbia.

I take photographs now. Who knew? 😉

5 01 2005

hi kev , how you been?

6 01 2005

Hmmm. Kevin’s well, as far as I know. Moving to California with that lady-friend, Crystal, of his to pursue further studies in GPS which he completed at BCIT. Other than what he put in his Christmas letter, I know very little.

It’s Paul Berard, actually, though this certainly made me laugh and laugh and laugh… 😉

6 01 2005

damn it!!!! opps sorry ..
how are you! so embarassing
interesting news about kev tho .. didn’t get the christmas letter this year.. sniffle
so what have you been up to….
wait if you where the editor does that mean you where responsible for that pic on the cover of my boobs? lol

9 01 2005

Yeah, it was a little shocking to find he’s heading that way, but as usual he’s following his skills to be where he wants to be. I’m not certain I can take sole credit for the publication of your chest, but it did improve pick-up to nearly 100% of that edition, much to the eternal flaming hatred of the Women’s Centre on campus. 😉 You were an amazingly good sport about having that photograph printed, as I recall.

9 01 2005

well as i recall it was hysterically funny, wasn’t expecting front page stuff.. but hey .. when you got it.. lol…. yeah my ex (not ex at the time) took and entire stack of them…. to show to all his freinds at UBC… lol Eh the women’s center hates everybody.. nothing new…. So you doing photograpy as a Job now or an over active hobby?

10 01 2005

Well, it was kind of understandable for the Women’s Centre to dislike us for it, since it does come across as a manipulation, but it did prove the social point that we had wanted to press about sex selling magazines for money. Apparently it works very well for free publications as well. 😉

I don’t know what to call the photography, really. I work another job to pay bills, so I guess it would be made a hobby by that definition, but I treat my photographic work as semi-amateur level work done by someone with a professional attitude. I’m very serious about it and it’s now for sale in a store where I am living now, so that’s taking it to a new level.

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