Digital crisis

22 12 2004

Ok, anyone with an opinion please help. I need to buy a digital cam, since my old (and i use that word loosly since it’s still less than a year old and has been broken for oh say 6ish months) camera is dead. and i’m going nuts with out a cam… pout…. anyway went shopping the other day with the best intentions of buying the new casio exlm, 5 mega pixal wonder, basically the bigger better brother of my camera. But the guy at the store informed me that it;s not a very good camera. so then he shows me 2 other in the same style/ price range the canon ixus 40 (or something like that) and the olympus u_mini. and i don;t know what to pick.. the canon is over all abetter camera but not by a huge amount. but the olympis is that semi water proof/ weather proof… camera.. which apparently would be my friend since water and dust stuff is why they refused to fix my old camera. but the olympis uses this annoyly stupid new kind of memory that is rediculaslly expensive, so i get 256 mb with the olypis and 512 with the cannon, both camera’s are 4mega pixals, the olypys has 2x optical and 8x digital zoom, the canon has 3x optical and 4x (i think) digatl zoom. from this store the camera’s are abou the same price, both coming with memory card and 2 batteries… i like the canon better but i’m scared of breaking it… the olympis seems like it might be more hardy,,, but not possitive about that and it comes with less momory and to upgrade the memory is prohibitavly expensive. bleh.. no i have asked has been any help… pout!!! help me!

here are the reviews of both cam’s





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1 01 0001
23 12 2004

This is the one I have, I LOVE it. And I know a lot of people with the same one or the 75, and it takes fabulous pics.

24 12 2004

the delema is about the weather proof verses not.. pout

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