5 12 2004

….Ok so, Last night i went to the peeler bar with some freinds….. yeah so it was funny as hell and the shows where actually really cool. Yeah so i was like .. hmm they’re pretty but GAY..s o blah.. yeah so when my guy freinds tried to get lap dances from the boys .. yeah no turns out they are straiiiiight….. lol.. so my girl freinds end up with with lap dances.. then i get one too .. on the house, and then another.. and then another.. apparently he thought i was then he took me to a private room.. for a private dance……… OH MY GOD!!!!! I don;t even know what to say…. well, lets start with.. not supposed to touch the dancers!!!! oh no wait he … he was all with the touchy touchy.. with making me touch him.. and him being feely.. oh my god!!!!!! oh my god… yeah did i meantion i rrreeeally could have used a drink! stupid not drinking…. akakakakakakkak hahahahah anyway if you waana see the web page with pic of the dancers.. ha ha it’s..




2 responses

6 12 2004

Way to go Mag, nothing like picking up the dancers!!! GOOD TO HEAR!! Thanks for sharing too, cuz everyone always likes to know when you are horrifically embarrassed as you obviously were this time, as evidenced by how many times you said OH MY GOD!!

6 12 2004

hahaha…. and of course,ick.
How come the two of you get the touchy touchy, and I get none… oh well. Will live.

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