29 11 2004

OK, so i haven’t written anything in the random hope that this hideous mood i’m in will lift. But nope not happening and i have no one to whine to so i suppose i’ll do it here.

To clarify one of Trace’s posts, yeah i was pissed over a genuine misunderstanding… not pissed anymore, just way incommunicato….

Ok so this last month has sucked some serious monkey ass, First they took my class (which i have been teaching for 2 years since they could bairly talk, and i mean any language.. not just english) away and gave it to another teacher…. bc she had seniority… fuck that it’s bull shit! and the job market for partime morning jobs is virtually non existent, and too make matters worse, the jobs i do apply for flat out say. Your fab we love you, you’re a great teacher but we don;t want to pay you.. so we’re going to hire this monkey here instead…..

so i had all these fantastic plans af saving and sending home massive amounts of money.. but yeah.. aparently thats not happening… so i’m bummed about that.

Then aside from my job there has been the roommate hassel…. which was a royal pain. but in the end i got this girl who out of all the people was the coolest… and she is really nice and stuff.. but she’s kinda sorority ditzy. And extremly innocent in that she has to ask about the who why and what about everything.. which can be cute but given my current mood it’s just getting on my nerves.

My other roomate Sarah, has a shit job and has been having (her boss is actually the antichrist’s cousin or sister or soemthing)a hard time dealing, so she decided to go home for christmas and bail on her job and then come back in a couple of months.. then she tells me that she thinking about not coming back.. she’s leaving in three weeks and she hasn’t told me one way or another whats going on.. and i asked her yesterday when she was going to know and i got no answer of course……. so now i’m in job, financial, and house turmoil….. Did i mention she’s one the only one of my friends not being poo, so doubly sucks that she might be leaving

And just to add to the panic attack that i think i’m about to have…… I have discovered via their actions, comments, and behaviour, that about 98% of my freinds don;t give a royal fucking shit about anyone but themselves….

I went to my freind Brads bday party thing last night, and my taiwanese “Best Freind” showed up, who hasn’t spoken to me or aknowledged my existence for over a month.. can you say uncomfortable?…

Anyway it’s a good thing i quit drinking otherwise i’ld be wasted right now.. and be trying to flush my head down the toilet….



2 responses

30 11 2004

this is the perfect place for a fit 🙂 I do it all the time. Hugs R

1 12 2004

I completely agree that it sucks when friends are pooh!! (Hopefully I don’t fall into that category). I’m sorry you’re feeling so crap, and that things are really hard for you right now – especially with the job/roomie situation. Obviously I can’t do anything about it, but hope you feel better soon.

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